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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Season Changes

If you are looking for an affordable, solution to self caring the winter blues/ailments, join this wellness club and shop a variety of Wellness and EcoSense products at wholesale prices every month.

Welcome to our Season's Changes Post. When the weather changes, the leaves turn pretty autumn colors and

Coughs, Sneezes, Running noses, Colds, Chills, Joint Pain, Muscle Aches, Headaches, Depression, Back Pain and many of other types of ailments start to affect many people lives during this type of Season change called Fall/Winter Time

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Buy Cheap Essential Oils


Pure Top Graded Essential Oils Specifically, Driven towards

~ Wellness  
~ Emotional Balance           
~ Your Lifestyle

Essential Oils Website ~ Essential Oils


On Guard ~ Natural Defense

~ Protective Mouth Rinse
~ Immune Support
~ Cleanses and Purifies
~ Eliminates airborne threats


Breathe - Respiratory Support

~ Helps Lungs and Sinuses
~ Use with Diffuser at night for restful sleep
~ Use for seasonal respiratory discomforts


DigestZen -  Digestive Support

~ Eases digestive discomfort
~ Motion Sickness or Nausea
~ Use at mealtimes to help with digestion

Deep Blue - Muscle and Joint Support

~ Apply to tired, aching joints
~ Use before and after exercise to reduce discomfort
~ Use for deep tissue massage


Frankincense - this is one Powerful and Versatile ancient essential oil

~ Clean and dress minor cuts, bites and sores
~ Calms stress and tension
~ Supports immune function
~ Lifts mood and awareness

                    _______________________________________________________ Lavender - All Things Calming

~ Calms Anxiety
~ Soothes Emotions
~ Soothes Irritated Skin
~ Supports Restful Sleep
~ Calms Bee Stings
 ~Ease muscle tension in the head and neck
~ Helps skin recover quickly


Email us Your Requests for our List of Essential Oils or For Sample Kits at ~ Oil Samples

                  Visit Our Essential Oils Website:  
                                      Essential Oils  

Visit Our Beautiful You Page at: Beautiful You

Disclaimer: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.”

Using Essential Oils and Wellness products are for people who choose to use a affordable, natural remedy for their well being needs and active lifestyles.